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What is the Digital Kit?

The Digital Kit is an initiative of the Government of Spain, specifically the Ministry of Economic Affairs and
Digital Transformation,
to subsidize companies with less than 50 employees the implementation of digital solutions available in the market and thus achieve a significant advance in the level of digital maturity.

These grants will allow companies to have the tools, services and training necessary to digitize and modernize their processes.

The Digital Kit consists of obtaining a digital voucher that will allow companies to access a large catalog of digital solutions and the Digitizing Agents that offer them.

Who can order the Digital Kit?

Companies and freelancers who meet the following requirements.

  • Be self-employed (self-employment situation), microenterprise (from 1 to 9 workers) or small business (from 10 to 49 workers).
  • Be up to date with payment against Social Security.
  • Be up to date with payment in front of the Tax Agency (Treasury).
  • The company must be correctly registered with the Tax Agency (AEAT) and Social Security.
  • The company or self-employed person should not be subject to a pending recovery order from the E.C. (European Commission).
  • You must not incur any of the prohibitions provided for in article 13.2 of Law 38/2003 of November 17 (General Subsidies Law).
  • The entity must not have exceeded the de minimis aid limit.

The maximum bonus to be received by companies will be:

  • Segment I. Small companies between 10 and 49 employees: up to € 12,000 of "digital bonus".
  • Segment II. Small or Micro Companies between 3 and 9 employees: up to € 6,000 of "digital bonus"
  • Segment III. Small or Micro Enterprises with between 0 and 2 employees. up to € 2,000 of "digital bonus".

How to order the Digital Kit?

Step 1. Register on the Acelera Pyme website.

You must enter the private area of Acelera Pyme, with the data of your company.

Step 2. Take the Self-Diagnosis Test

Through this diagnosis you will know the initial state of your level of digitalization.

Step 3. Select the different categories and services that you can run and subsidize.

You can consult the different solutions to which you can choose.

  • Website and Internet presence.
  • E-commerce.
  • Social Media Management.
  • Customer management.
  • BI and Analytics.
  • Process Management.
  • Electronic invoice.
  • Virtual Office Services.
  • Secure Communications.
  • Cybersecurity.

Step 4. Make the request

Carry out the procedures to submit your application.

IMPORTANT! The execution of the digitization works must be developed by a Digitizing Agent approved by The Digitizing Agents will be the only ones who will be able to formalize Agreements for the Provision of Digital Solutions with the beneficiaries of the Digital Kit.

Internet presence

Maximum amount of aid: € 2,000.



Maximum amount of aid: € 2,000.


Customer Management

Maximum amount of aid:

  • Company from 0 to 2 workers. 1 user (1 year): 2.000€.
  • Company from 3 a 9 workers. 1 user (1 year): 2.000€ .
  • Company from 10 a 49 workers. 3 user (1 year): 4.000€.